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Local People

The poetry of the Pymmes Brook

24 January 2023

River of Stories is a film about the Pymmes Brook and its people. Pymmes BrookERS walked this stretch of the river with communities, walking and talking the river into being. What people said about the river became the soundtrack of this film.

Celebrating another golden year in Broomfield Conservatory

14 January 2023

On a very wet Sunday 8th January, volunteers from the Friends of Broomfield Park's conservatory group gathered in their favourite greenhouse to celebrate their achievements in 2022 and look forward to another year welcoming visitors to Palmers Green's own mini-Kew Gardens.

Hopperstomp: local musicians in a new line-up

10 January 2023

Featured at Bowes Park Folk Club's first 2023 session this week will be some familiar local faces in a new line-up, offering an eclectic mix of music played not too seriously.

An 'indomitable' former Mayor shares her experience, expertise and wisdom

03 January 2023

Twice Mayor of Enfield Kate Anolue published her second book in September and this month will be personally signing copies for purchasers at two Enfield Libraries. In 'Time for Purpose' she shares her experience, expertise and wisdom with a new generation of women

Second award this year for local tennis club

23 November 2022

Members of a tennis club located between Palmers Green and Southgate are celebrating their second award this year and can now boast of having a coach who is now among the best qualified in the area. What's more, the quality of the coffee served in the club's café has received the ultimate accolade from one of its members.

Welcome to Fantasy and Moira's world!

26 October 2022

An exhibition at the Southgate Gallery will give you a glimpse of the world of drag artist Fantasy and costumier Moira Stansfield.

Celebrating our communities' stories

19 October 2022

On Saturday Enfield Town's Culture Palace (located inside the Palace Gardens shopping centre) will be hosting a grand celebration of the stories of some of our borough's many communities. Stories of Enfield Celebration Day will consist of activities for people of all ages run by eight of the 13 community organisations who were awarded lottery funding to run projects under the banner of Stories of Enfield.

Poetry at the Triangle: Memorialising Stevie Smith

12 October 2022

A new piece of permanent artwork at Palmers Green Triangle provides a memorial to one of PG's most famous former residents, the poet Stevie Smith, who up to now has been memorialised only by a blue plaque on the house in Avondale Road where she lived for nearly all her life.

New exhibition at the Southgate gallery

05 October 2022

Currently showing at the Southgate Gallery until mid October (in addition to the continuing mixed media exhibition of various local artists), Mary Horsfield, a member of the Enfield Art Circle, has several examples of her work on display. Mary's colourful and detailed acrylic paintings on canvas show a variety of flowers in Victorian planters plus recognisable scenes viewed through imaginary windows.

Pop into the patisserie for a second helping of PG children's author's thumb-sized adventures

30 September 2022

A children's author whose plot ideas came to her while daydreaming when waiting for trains to Palmers Green will be signing copies of her books at the Holtwhites shop on Aldermans Hill on 14th October.

PG author's second novel out in paperback next month

28 September 2022

A Palmers Green author whose work has won critical acclaim will next month be launching the paperback edition of his second novel. This October will also mark ten years since he committed to being a writer.

Putting PG on the page (again)

21 September 2022

It's less than a month since I commented on a new novel that it 'belongs to what I can with confidence assume to be a vanishingly small category: novels where the action takes place in Palmers Green', and what do I find? A feature in this month's Enfield Dispatch under the headline 'Putting Palmers Green on the page' about another recently published novel set in PG!

Palmers Green composer reimagines a classic album from the seventies

14 September 2022

A Palmers Green-based composer and producer has released the first of nine tracks from a project reinterpreting the songs on a classic album from 1976.

Read the full article and forum comments

A medico-legal mystery thriller, with a PG connection

23 August 2022

'This afternoon I shall go to my own funeral service before I watch them bury me under six feet of London clay.' A mysterious introduction to the unusual plot of a newly published novel in a fiction category that I hadn't heard of before, but is, it seems, an established genre: a medico-legal thriller. It also belongs to what I can with confidence assume to be a vanishingly small category: novels where the action takes place in Palmers Green.

A thought-provoking exhibition at the Southgate Club & Gallery

17 August 2022

At the Southgate Club and Gallery, the nostalgic drawings and booklets of Alan Baker have been joined by the gallery's Summer Exhibition, comprising works by a variety of local artists. Anne Hutchings, Sue Loder, Nicola Scott, Helen Wood, Joyce Lubell, and Barbara Luckhurst offer a colourful and thought-provoking mixed-media feast using water colour, oils, charcoal, graphite, acrylics, print and photography.

An invitation to an evening of periods, pads and prosecco!

10 May 2022

On 20th May you're invited to an evening of Periods, Pads and Prosecco, where you can learn about Anne Nicholl's work countering period poverty in both Kenya and London. There'll be food and drink provided by Cooking Champions and you can even learn how to hand sew a reusable sanitary pad. If you can't make it, you can still read the article and contribute to the crowdfunder.

Brightening up the walls at the Southgate Club

28 April 2022

A new exhibition at the Southgate Club by local artist Angela Dierks opens this week and runs until the end of May.

PG author launches second novel this month

16 March 2022

An author from Palmers Green is launching his second novel at the end of the month, and there are two chances to meet him and pick up a signed copy.

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Celebrating human endurance, but concerned about what we are doing to the planet

15 February 2022

The theme of local poet Myra Schneider's 16th collection, Siege and Symphony is celebration and endurance. The first section is devoted to poems about the planet and its present state. The second and third sections include poems about contemporary issues such as homelessness, also poems about women and personal poems. The last and longest poem, which gives the book its title, is a celebration of human resilience, as exemplified by the performance during the siege of Leningrad of Shostakovich's 7th Symphony by a conductor and orchestra enfeebled by months of starvation. In this interview Myra talks about how her poetry has developed over time, explains how her poems come about - many are inspired by paintings or other works of art - and describes her concerns about homelessness and women's inequality.

Creepy goings-on in a north London suburb...

26 January 2022

'Ben hears noises in his basement and witnesses weird goings-on in his local park. His eight-year-old daughter Imogen starts receiving messages from someone claiming to be her missing mother. And then there is Mr Jones - the man who haunts the imaginations of the children at Imogen's school...' Alex Woolf's new novel is set in a north London suburb that bears a strong resemblance to Palmers Green.