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The February meeting of Enfield Climate Action Forum (EnCAF) focussed on the links between injustice in the global trade system and continuing failure to reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases.

Recently a campaign was launched to regain Enfield's former status as a Fairtrade Borough, and the meeting included four presentations on how the Fairtrade movement could help combat climate change. In addition, a new video from GlobalNet21 takes a wider look at how skewed the current system of trade agreements is skewed against poorer countries and against efforts to prevent a climate catastrophe.

Below you can watch the presentations by Bill Linton on the resurgence of the Fairtrade movement in Enfield; by Elaine Graham-Leigh on Fairtrade and climate change; by Rev Melanie Smith on the meaning of Fairtrade; and by Delia Mattis on the links between poverty, trade injustice and climate change.

(To avoid being tracked around the Internet by Google/YouTube, stay on this page to watch the videos - you can still expand them to full screen mode.)

This week EnCAF released a further video on the same subject, in which Francis Sealy interviews Ruth Bergan, co-ordinator of the Trade Justice Movement

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