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Community panel: Climate change and public health

Thursday 29 September 2022 10.00am - 5.00pm

Fore Street Library (Living Room Library), 109 - 111 Fore St N18 2XF

202209 health climate event fore street library

Together with the Enfield Racial Equality Council, the Enfield Climate Action Forum (EnCaf) will be running two Community Panels/Hubs to discuss how public health will be affected by climate change.

We will be addressing some key issues but more importantly we want to hear from those who attend what they think the main issues are and what can be done about them by our communities as well as the Health and Local Authorities.

We would welcome you attending so let us know if you would like to come all day or just for one of the sessions.

You can just drop in on the day but you can also sign up and we can send you more information.


10.15am Enfield Community Theatre: A drama on air pollution.

We start the day with a small drama on how climate change will make pollution worse and how it then affects our health. This is the beginning of a day of dialogue.

10.30am Food for a healthy planet. With the rising cost of living and climate change, how can we address food poverty?

With the rising cost of living and climate change, how can we address food poverty? What help can we get and what should be done?

11.45am Instead of always buying new, how can we repair, reuse and recycle? Let's find out.

It helps to protect our planet and at a time of a rising cost of living it can help us all. Join us to find out how we go about it.

12.50pm Urban green space. There is a lack of green spaces in Edmonton. How do we create more and make our borough both greener and healthier?

Green space helps our well being, makes our urban space cooler and reduces our carbon footprint. What can we do to get more green space?

1.55pm Air pollution & the incinerator. Air pollution is a killer and there are grave concerns about the planned incinerator. What can we do?

Concern over air pollution was the number one issue in a survey we did. What can we do and what do we expect of our local authority and government.

3.15pm Heat & cold - the two killers. How do we cool our homes in summer, keep warm in winter and save money? Let's find out.

4.30pm Young people and a better planet. Listen to what young people think should be done at this critical time of climate emergency.

They will be affected the most and we should hear their voices


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