St Harmonica's Blues Club: Monthly Blues Jam

Sunday 5 February 7.00pm - 10.00pm

The Southgate Club, 17 Chase Side, N14 5BP (Entrance is in Crown Lane)  

Our blues jam is back on Sunday 4th December with free admission to card carrying St Harmonica’s Blues Club members. Our apologies to all you jammers out there that we haven’t hosted a jam at the club since the summer but we’re back for the December Jam, last of 2022, where the house band, joined for the evening by Professor Steve Taylor on keyboards, will kick off proceedings at 7.00pm.

Under the watchful eyes of Vera and Terry Dugga,n combinations of singers and players will be assembled to perform 3-song sets for you. The results are often magnificent.

Sign in on arrival, ideally before 7.00pm, with name and preferred instrument. We'll supply the drums, keyboard, amps, PA, and DI box for the occasional acoustic instrument. We will endeavour to swap or cover mics, if requested, but singers are welcome to bring their own.

Queensbury Jamming Rules apply:
- the singer calls the tune, decides the key, and dishes out the solos;
- players: please unpack your instrument, tune up and have everything ready before it's your turn to play;
- solos are generally 2 verses long, unless the singer decides otherwise;
- sets are 3 songs (unless we're running out of time, or your songs are 10 mins long);
- if you aren't a drummer or keyboard player, bring your own instrument. Drummers, do bring your own sticks! 

Audience members are also vital to the whole proceedings, and extremely welcome!

We’ll provide the mince pies.

St Harmonica's at the Southgate Club

St Harmonica's is at the Southgate Club on Fridays - apart from the first Friday of the month. Instead of the first Friday of the month, St Harmonica's will be two days later, ie the Sunday after the first Friday (which in some months will be the second Sunday of the month).

Membership cards, free admission and the hat are back!

Our aim has always been to put on the best blues acts locally and make live music accessible and affordable. We need to have large and appreciative audiences, to reward the musicians appropriately, and to retain our home at the Southgate Club.

The feedback from Broomfield Blues and the Low Down Dogs gig last July was that most people prefer our old model of annual club membership, free admission and donations into the hat dependent upon what you can afford and what you feel the evening is worth.

From Friday 9th September we’ll be selling annual membership cards on the door at £10 for the year (September ’22 - August ’23). The membership will give free admission to all Friday gigs and Sunday jams. Non-members will be charged £10 on the door.

Coming up

Dates are all Fridays unless shown in red. There is normally no St Harmonica's on the first Friday of the month, when the Comedy Club is held in the hall.

28th   Burns Night Special  
5th   Sunday Blues Jam  
10th   Leavin' Trunk  
17th   Cadillac Kings CD release day  
24th   Mark Harrison Band  
5th   Sunday Blues Jam  
10th   House Red  
17th   Big Mamma's Door - St Patrick's Day Special  
24th   Fran McGillivray Band  
9th   Sunday Blues Jam  
14th   The Feelgood Band  
21st   Lee Rider Band  
28th   Eddie Angel Band  


































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