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Community Directory: Community Groups

Bowes & Bounds Connected

bowes and bounds logo

Bowes and Bounds Connected is a forum for online neighbourliness - we are harnessing the community spirit of Bowes Park, Bounds Green and surrounding neighbourhoods into an online network where people can connect with their friends and neighbours, to engage in discussions find out about local events, take action together on the local issues that concern us all... and have fun!

Last updated: January 2021

Bowes Park Community Association


The BPCA works to improve the area for the benefit of people who live, work or have an interest in Bowes Park and the surrounding area.

Our mission is to bring people together with events that celebrate the great things about our slice of London as well as protecting and conserving the physical and natural environment of our neighbourhood.

Last updated: January 2021

Campaign for Better Transport London Group

campaign for better transport logo

The Campaign for Better Transport is the independent national body that seeks to put people and the environment first in transport decisions and to find sustainable transport solutions. The London group is an independent group which exists to support the work of the campaign nationally and campaigns on London issues.

Last updated: January 2019


logo and motto

Our mission: To support, empower, and enrich the lives of Older Members in the Community.

Last updated: January 2021

Enfield Borough Over 50s Forum


The Forum is open to all over 50s in the Borough of Enfield and its members are drawn from the rich and diverse ethnic mix of Enfield multicultural population.

The Forum meets on the last Tuesday of every month at the Civic Centre in Silver Street with the exception of December when there is no meeting. Other monthly coffee morning meetings are arrange for Skinners Court in Palmers Green and East of the Borough or Millfield House.

The Forum seeks to influence decision-makers nationally and locally on such matters as health, educational and leisure activities, transport, social and community care, housing, age discrimination in employment, pensions and benefits.

Last updated: October 2014

Enfield Climate Action Forum (EnCAF)

encaf new logo wide

We're tackling climate change locally.

Enfield Climate Action Forum (EnCaf) began in January 2020 with a group  of local residents who wanted the London Borough of Enfield to respond effectively to the climate emergency. It has now expanded to include more than 100 organisations in the borough.

The forum was set up by a number of people (citizens and councillors) who believed that combating climate change is a whole community concern. We have started working on a strategy to see how Enfield can reduce its carbon footprint. And our members have set up various working groups (Business, Emissions, Pollution, Education, Land Use and Waste) to help achieve our collective ambition. 

Last updated: February 2022

Enfield Freegle

freeglelogo whitebgDon't throw it away, give it away! You might not want it, but someone just round the corner might.

We're here to help you give and get stuff for free - anything which could be reused. All items must be legal and appropriate, and free. No loans, swaps or sales please - just free gifts.

Last updated: October 2014

Enfield Racial Equality Council

erecEnfield Racial Equality Council (EREC) is an umbrella organisation and the only one in Enfield concerned with racial discrimination and equality of opportunity in every aspect of your life.

We are a not-for-profit organisation and receive public funds to carry out the work that we do. We are a membership organisation and our members are from diverse backgrounds with a commitment to furthering race equality in Enfield.

Last updated: October 2014

Enfield Turkish Cypriot Association


ETCA's key objectives are:

  • To increase awareness in the Turkish speaking community of available community services;
  • To widen access to services & resources by people and groups from the Turkish speaking community;
  • To provide services for older people from the Turkish speaking community, to prevent isolation and poor health;
  • To engage young people from the Turkish speaking community enabling them to integrate into the wider community, build confidence, increase educational attainment and skills;
  • To provide services to and assist families with young children.

Last updated: October 2014

Friends of Arnos Park

friends of arnos parkThe Friends of Arnos Park are local residents who work hard to ensure that the park continues to be a well maintained and safe place of recreation for the whole community. We lobby the London Borough of Enfield and work with them to improve the tidiness of the park, increase its bio diversity and fundraise for improvements. Our work includes some maintenance of flowerbeds, pruning of trees and shrubs and landscaping work.

Sadly, as budgetary constraints increasingly restrict the amount of resources provided by local authorities to parks, the work of Friends groups becomes more and more essential to maintain and improve them.

We plan to stage several fun events each year and hope you will join us in working together to make our park an even better place. If you have any suggestions please contact us:

If you are interested in becoming involved as a volunteer or even as a committee member, we would love to hear from you.

Last updated: July 2023

Friends of Firs Farm

Friends of Firs Farm is a group of friendly volunteers with a common goal of improving Firs Farm.

Founded in August 2013 by Toni Guiver with the support of Gail Nielen and Geraldine Cosh. We set about talking to friends and neighbours to identify what we were looking for from our underused local green space, Firs Farm.

The overall objectives of the Friends, which are charitable and for the benefit of the inclusive public, is to preserve, improve, maintain, protect & promote, Firs Farm for the benefit of ALL for present and future generations.

‘In essence we bring the community together for events, interests, and sporting / other in/outdoor activities, as well as providing Volunteer opportunities, reduce loneliness and encourage healthier lifestyles.’

The Friends work in partnership with the London Borough of Enfield in a spirit of co-operation

Last updated: January 2021

Friends of Pymmes Park

friends of pymmes park logo

Friends of Pymmes Park are a team of volunteers who love Pymmes Park so much that they give their time freely to ensure the health and welbeing of the park is maintained and made safe for the many animals as well as the various people who enjoy it.

It is their hope that more people, young, old and inbetween, will come and visit, care for and enjoy the park as much as Friends of Pymmes Park do.

Because of various cutbacks and financial shortages to care for the park, it is up to everyone to understand what is needed for such a special park as Pymmes.

Last updated: August 2016

Friends of the Green, Bounds Green

friends of the green bounds green logo

Friends of the Green Bounds Green (FGBG) was set up in 2017 by members of the local area committed to caring for and improving the local green space and strengthening the community.

Aims: To help improve and maintain the public open spaces at Bounds Green, adjacent to Tewkesbury Terrace and The Drive, so as to enhance the quality of life for local people by improving their physical and mental health, and act as a focus for bringing people together

Last updated: August 2020

Friends of Tottenhall Rec & Boundary Gardens

friends of tottenhall rec

This is a new group started in March 2020 to bring together local users of Tottenhall Rec and Boundary Fields in order to work with Enfield Council and apply for funding to improve our local space. We are currently in the process of setting up the group, contact for more information. 

Last updated: August 2020

New Southgate Millennium Green

logoNew Southgate is a fully urban Green, being in London, next to a busy road and a high-rise estate. New Southgate is, like most urban Greens, quite small, at 0.6 Hectares/1.4 Acres. As of 2020 the Green is still fully independent, with a community-run trust and no regular funding from the local authority. There is a regular park with swings and things almost next door, so the Trust intends to focus on being a countryside haven, with high hedges and tall trees to block out the outside world as much as feasible.

Last updated: January 2021

North London Asian Care

northlondonasiancareNorth London Asian Care is a Non Profit Making Registered Charity which provides a culturally sensitive, linguisticaly appropriate, fully accessible service to all service users, specialising with Asian Cares in North London irrespective of their ethnicity, culture, religion, gender and disability. They provide a culturally appropriate Home Care service in various languages.

Last updated: October 2014

North London Citizens

northlondoncitizensNorth London Citizens is a powerful alliance of schools and universities, churches, mosques and synagogues that has been built to take action together for the common good of our local area and beyond.

Citizens UK is a powerful alliance of local Community Organising groups in London, Milton Keynes, Nottingham & Birmingham. We bring together churches, mosques and synagogues; schools, colleges and universities; unions, think-tanks and housing associations; GP surgeries, charities and migrant groups to work together for the common good.

We develop the capacity of our members to build power locally so they can hold politicians and other decision makers to account. We work on both small local campaigns and large national campaigns from asking for a Green Man crossing in west London to calling for a Living Wage, from persuading Newham council to put up a street sign to developing CitySafe across the capital.

Community Organising is about building power and participating in democracy: being realistic in what we demand and winning key victories to improve the lives of disadvantaged communities across the country.

Last updated: October 2014

North London Humanists







Just not religious?


The Group meets once a month for discussion meetings . We welcome visitors at all our events with no obligation to join, so that anyone can come along to see if they like us!

Last updated: January 2021

North London LETS

north london lets

North London LETS is your Local Exchange Trading System.

Just like LETS organisations all over the world, we help local people in north London - from a wide variety of backgrounds and with all sorts of skills - to exchange their products and services to help one another.

  • North London LETS provides the structure for you to access local products and services.
  • Need a job doing? Check our latest membership directory for someone to do it!
  • Trading is done and recorded in an alternative unit of currency, called Pledges.
  • Take part in the cashless exchange of products and services in your local community!
  • Draw on a large local talent pool, and enjoy sharing your talents with others too!
  • Grasp a unique personal development opportunity to practice your existing skills and learn new ones!
  • Build some real community spirit!


Last updated: October 2014

Palmers Green Action Team - PGAT

palmers green action team logoPalmers Green Action team is a group of local volunteers who got together to help the high street thrive, make changes so that it could once again be the heart of the community and to make sure that local residents were represented when decisions were made for our high street.

With its beautiful architecture, great accessibility and engaged locals and shopkeepers, Palmers Green has everything it needs to reach its full potential. We have a long history but we embrace the new. We combine tradition with innovation. We are a community with a unique and diverse identity, representing the best of London and we believe our high street should be at the very heart of this wonderful community.


  • Street art
  • Greening
  • Trader targets
  • Shopfronts
  • Social

Last updated: January 2021

Palmers Green Festival

The Annual Palmers Green Community Festival seeks to encourage all age groups, faiths, local groups and charities to join together to celebrate, develop and unite our diverse community.

It also seeks to raise funds, which will be used to enhance our local community.

All the effort to develop the Festival are provided voluntarily by local residents and businesses, plus a few not-so-local, who simply wish to support.

Last updated: March 2018

Simply Connect Enfield

simply connect enfield logo

Simply Connect Enfield is a Social Prescribing service for the borough of Enfield, managed and delivered by Enfield Voluntary Action (EVA).

We’re on a mission to help you find local community services, activities and support that can really help you with whatever issue you’re struggling with at the moment.

Maybe you’re looking to meet new people - or get some advice or support for a friend or family member? Or you might be wanting to find out about exercise or social clubs, or how to get involved in a local charity?

Community services can provide specialist support too on a range of topics, such domestic abuse, helping to manage your finances, housing issues or bereavement support.

We can support you to improve your health and wellbeing by:

  • Focusing on what matters most to you
  • Connecting you to local community services and activities, and
  • Helping you to reach your goals and ambitions.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, there’s something for you.

Last updated: January 2021

Tottenhall Area Community Facebook group


 tottenhall community fb group map

This is a space to share information, recommendations, questions and ideas on the Tottenhall area.

We have defined the Tottenhall area as from Green Lanes to the A10 and from the A406 to the boundary of Enfield.

We are interested in any local topics residents care about, and all the wonderful stuff to do in our spare time around here. This can include exercise, sporting events, music, kids events, hobbies etc.

Last updated: August 2020

We Love Myddleton Road

we love myddleton roadA new community campaign group has been formed to help protect and promote Myddleton Road - one of Bowes Park's most important and unique assets.

WE LOVE MYDDLETON ROAD works alongside the Bowes Park Community Association and the existing Myddleton Road Strategy Group to complement the work these groups have been doing for many years.  It was formed by concerned residents and traders wanting to see more regeneration on the road and protection for its valuable shops and buildings.

The group's focus is to find ways for the whole community, both residents and traders, to play their part in building a better future for
this much loved road – that means anything from running events like a “Cash Mob” to encourage more people to shop locally, to promoting the road and its businesses or talking to the council about how we can support the needs of existing traders.
The group is also trying to stop further decline of this unique road by reporting dumped rubbish and objecting to unwanted planning applications.

It meets monthly and is looking for new members to help build on all the positive change already happening on the road.  To get involved or to be kept up to date email or follow them on Twitter @welovemyddleton.

Last updated: November 2014

We Want Local Schools

"A campaign for local schools for local children" launched in 2013 to improve the provision of primary schools in the London Borough of Enfield

Last updated: November 2014

Wellbeing Connect Services (formerly Ebony People's Association)


The objects for which this organisation is formed are to relieve the hardship or distress of individuals and families who suffer or have experience of mental health issues, domestic violence or any other related ill health that has or could affect their mental, psychological, emotional, social or economic wellbeing.

Our aims are to:

  • promote holistic services that will address issues affecting the above client groups
  • increase awareness and understanding of mental health and domestic violence issues and its consequences to individuals, children /families and community as a whole.
  • provide information and advice, advocacy and support for people including carers and families affected with such issues
  • assist people with mental health issues to return to community living, including access to appropriate accommodation, social outlets and productive activity.

Last updated: January 2021