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Broomfield Community Orchard

orchard nameplate smallThe Broomfield Community Orchard is one of several projects organised by the Friends of Broomfield Park.

The Orchard was planted in 2009 on the site of a disused bowling green in Broomfield Park. As well as apple and pear trees, the Orchard is rich in wild flowers.

The Orchard is also home to three beehives.

The Orchard is open every Sunday afternoon and some Saturday mornings.  For opening hours see the Friends of Broomfield Park website.

There is plenty of work required to maintain the Orchard and new volunteers are always welcome.  Working in the Orchard is an excellent way for young people (and older ones too!) to learn about the natural world.

You can follow Broomfield Community Orchard on their Facebook page.

Enfield Conservation Volunteers

enfieldconservationvolunteersEnfield Conservation Volunteers carry out practical conservation work in Enfield's parks and countryside on alternate Sundays. An opportunity to gain experience in traditional crafts such as hedge laying, coppicing, bridge building and path construction. No experience is necessary as training will be provided. More information is available by clicking on the title link above and on

Friends of Arnos Park

friends of arnos parkThe Friends of Arnos Park are local residents who work hard to ensure that the park continues to be a well maintained and safe place of recreation for the whole community. We lobby the London Borough of Enfield and work with them to improve the tidiness of the park, increase its bio diversity and fundraise for improvements. Our work includes some maintenance of flowerbeds, pruning of trees and shrubs and landscaping work.

Sadly, as budgetary constraints increasingly restrict the amount of resources provided by local authorities to parks, the work of Friends groups becomes more and more essential to maintain and improve them.

We plan to stage several fun events each year and hope you will join us in working together to make our park an even better place. If you have any suggestions please contact us:

If you are interested in becoming involved as a volunteer or even as a committee member, we would love to hear from you.

Friends of Broomfield Park

Broomfield Park photoBroomfield Park is one of the highlights of Palmers Green.  Among its notable features are three lakes which form a Baroque water feature, a model boat pond, bandstand, a sensory garden, the Broomfield Conservatory, the newly established Broomfield Community Orchard and various sporting facilities - not to mention a magnificent view across to Alexandra Palace and the City of London and Westminster.

Much of the Park's attractiveness exists thanks to the efforts of the Friends of Broomfield Park, a group of volunteers who work in conjunction with Enfield Council to maintain and improve the Park.

Friends of Firs Farm Park

friends of firs farm parkWe are a group of volunteers interested in looking after our park. We are looking for like minded people to help look after our green space.

Many local dog walkers, keep-fit enthusiasts, along with a number of sports groups, use this space and currently it is going through a number of changes in relation to the recently publicised flood relief works. Would you like to know how you can contribute to these changes and in how our park will be used? Join the Friends Group for Firs Farm Park. N21 2PJ. Friends Groups represent the community's interest in their local park or open space. You can get involved in how our park is managed and maintained, hold events, raise funds, develop small projects and work with the Council in various ways for the benefit of Firs Farm Park.

Friends of Grovelands Park

grovelandscentenaryWhat is now Grovelands Park was laid out by the celebrated landscape designer Humphrey Repton in the late 18th Century for the 3rd Duke of Chandos. In May 2013 the Friends will be celebrating the centenary of its conversion into a public park

Friends of Hazelwood Rec

friends of hazelwood recFriends of Hazelwood Rec is a group which aims to improve the Hazelwood Recreation Ground, a hidden away park located in a very residential area. It is popular with football and cricket players, dog walkers and families. It has facilities including a playground, tennis and basketball courts, climbing nets and sandpit. Some of this equipment is very old and the Friends are seeking funding for improvements.

For all enquiries, please contact .

Friends of Pymmes Park

friends of pymmes park logo

Friends of Pymmes Park are a team of volunteers who love Pymmes Park so much that they give their time freely to ensure the health and welbeing of the park is maintained and made safe for the many animals as well as the various people who enjoy it.

It is their hope that more people, young, old and inbetween, will come and visit, care for and enjoy the park as much as Friends of Pymmes Park do.

Because of various cutbacks and financial shortages to care for the park, it is up to everyone to understand what is needed for such a special park as Pymmes.

Friends of the Green, Bounds Green

 friends of the green bounds green logo

Friends of the Green Bounds Green (FGBG) was set up in 2017 by members of the local area committed to caring for and improving the local green space and strengthening the community.

Aims: To help improve and maintain the public open spaces at Bounds Green, adjacent to Tewkesbury Terrace and The Drive, so as to enhance the quality of life for local people by improving their physical and mental health, and act as a focus for bringing people together

Friends of the Minchenden Oak Garden

friends minchenden oak gardenThe group is dedicated to preserving and improving the Minchenden Oak Garden on Waterfall Road, Southgate for all members of the community. The Garden contains one of the oldest Oak trees in the Borough and is a pleasant, restful space with plenty of potential. The Friends have applied for funding to refurbish the garden and are also carrying out regular task force days.

Friends of Tottenhall Rec & Boundary Gardens

 friends of tottenhall rec

This is a new group started in March 2020 to bring together local users of Tottenhall Rec and Boundary Fields in order to work with Enfield Council and apply for funding to improve our local space. We are currently in the process of setting up the group, contact for more information. 

Friends of Woodside Park

Woodside Park, in Wood Green High Road, just to the south of Palmers Green, contains two historic buildings: Woodside House (formerly Wood Green Town Hall) and the Mushroom House, which was formerly the lodge to Chitts Hill House.

New Southgate Millennium Green

new southgate millenium green logoThe New Southgate Millennium Green is a public open space owned and operated by our own charitable trust.  It is one of  245 such greens  throughout England, created to celebrate the turn of the millennium in 2000 ad.  The land is unfenced and is open to the public at all times. 

The small, 1.4 acre site is situated near busy roads and housing estates and forms a quiet, hedged-in  haven with mown grassland for recreation; wild, untouched areas in the trees, adding to the wide range of habitats; formal gardens and a central paved area with a sculpture children can play on.

Pymmes BrookERS

Pymmes BrookERS (short for "Pymmes Brook Restorers") are a group of Londoners who want to make the Pymmes and Salmons Brooks more lovely!

London’s rivers are heavily polluted by misconnected sewers, and also by the toxic heavy metals that wash off our roads after rain. Wetlands will help to clean the water naturally and will provide beautiful habitat for wildlife. We’d like to see more kingfishers, herons, frogs and riverfly along Pymmes Brook!

If you live in Barnet, Enfield or Haringey, or even further afield, and would like to get involved, get outside, and get wet, then get in touch!  There’s plenty to do, so message us to let us know your ideas and how you’d like to help!

Read about the project on the Thames21 website and visit our Facebook page.

Woodcroft Wildspace

woodcroftWoodcroft Wildspace is in Winchmore Hill but it is not just for the benefit of residents of that area. The wildspace is for everyone to enjoy. It is a place where people can bring their children to learn about nature - insects, birds, small mammals, pond life, plants and trees in a natural habitat. This is especially beneficial for those who do not have the luxury of their own garden. Everyone is invited to come along and both help the series of projects we have in action as well as to see the wildspace.