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Community Directory: Environment and Nature

British Cactus & Succulent Society - Lea Valley Branch

leavalleycactusOur members grow cacti and succulents in greenhouses, conservatories, garden frames and on window sills.

We hold regular monthly meetings with knowledgeable speakers, slides, a raffle and refreshments.

If you are interested in cacti and succulents do come along to one of our events. You will be made very welcome.

Last updated: January 2021

Broomfield Community Orchard

orchard nameplate smallThe Broomfield Community Orchard is one of several projects organised by the Friends of Broomfield Park.

The Orchard was planted in 2009 on the site of a disused bowling green in Broomfield Park. As well as apple and pear trees, the Orchard is rich in wild flowers.

The Orchard is also home to three beehives.

The Orchard is open every Sunday afternoon and some Saturday mornings.  For opening hours see the Friends of Broomfield Park website.

There is plenty of work required to maintain the Orchard and new volunteers are always welcome.  Working in the Orchard is an excellent way for young people (and older ones too!) to learn about the natural world.

You can follow Broomfield Community Orchard on their Facebook page.

Last updated: October 2014

Campaign for Better Transport London Group

campaign for better transport logo

The Campaign for Better Transport is the independent national body that seeks to put people and the environment first in transport decisions and to find sustainable transport solutions. The London group is an independent group which exists to support the work of the campaign nationally and campaigns on London issues.

Last updated: January 2019

Enfield and District Beekeepers' Association

beekeepersThe Enfield Beekeepers' Club was formed in 1923 and the majority of our members are beekeeping hobbyists and enthusiasts. The club aims to further all aspects of beekeeping and provides support to its members through monthly meetings, courses, field trips, as well as access to the club's library of books and magazines.

At our Monthly Meetings new and experienced, young and old beekeepers share their knowledge and experiences. Guest speakers or club members present a talk or demonstration on a topic that is pertinent to the beekeeper's calendar.

Membership is open to those interested in beekeeping.

Last updated: October 2014

Enfield Climate Action Forum (EnCAF)

encaf new logo wide

We're tackling climate change locally.

Enfield Climate Action Forum (EnCaf) began in January 2020 with a group  of local residents who wanted the London Borough of Enfield to respond effectively to the climate emergency. It has now expanded to include more than 100 organisations in the borough.

The forum was set up by a number of people (citizens and councillors) who believed that combating climate change is a whole community concern. We have started working on a strategy to see how Enfield can reduce its carbon footprint. And our members have set up various working groups (Business, Emissions, Pollution, Education, Land Use and Waste) to help achieve our collective ambition. 

Last updated: February 2022

Enfield Conservation Volunteers

enfieldconservationvolunteersEnfield Conservation Volunteers carry out practical conservation work in Enfield's parks and countryside on alternate Sundays. An opportunity to gain experience in traditional crafts such as hedge laying, coppicing, bridge building and path construction. No experience is necessary as training will be provided. More information is available by clicking on the title link above and on

Last updated: October 2014

Enfield Freegle

freeglelogo whitebgDon't throw it away, give it away! You might not want it, but someone just round the corner might.

We're here to help you give and get stuff for free - anything which could be reused. All items must be legal and appropriate, and free. No loans, swaps or sales please - just free gifts.

Last updated: October 2014

Enfield National Trust Association

We are a voluntary organisation for local members of the National Trust enabling us to further our common interest in the preservation of our country’s heritage. Enfield National Trust Association was formed in 1977, recently celebrating our 40th Anniversary. We have over 300 members living in Enfield and adjacent areas. We are independent of the National Trust, with our own constitution, and committee to organise our affairs, together with various helpers.   

You can join us even if you are not a National Trust member!

Last updated: January 2021

Enfield Veg Co

enfield veg coEnfield Veg Co. is a local, not-for-profit organic veg bag delivery scheme run by Forty Hall Farm in north Enfield, which is part of Capel Manor College. When you sign up to become a member, you receive a weekly supply of fresh seasonal vegetables. Simply choose what size bag you want from the three sizes available.  Our food is super-fresh and we pride ourselves on offering produce with zero food miles..

What’s in the bags?

The contents of the bags vary every week depending on what is in season but we usually include a mix of more everyday veg (things like potatoes, carrots and onions) with seasonal treats. In the summer, this includes salad items such as tomatoes, mixed salad bags, courgettes and cucumbers. In the winter, expect to see veg like pumpkins, beetroot, winter greens and root veg. Everything is organic and locally grown, with the majority of produce coming from Forty Hall Farm in Enfield.

How does it work?

It’s simple. You sign up for membership of our scheme, and every week we deliver you a bag of veg. The membership is a monthly payment that we take as soon as you have signed up and filled in our direct debit mandate. How much veg you get, depends on the size of the bag.

Most pick-up points are self-service so you can collect your bag whenever suits you, but some have  specific opening hours.

Last updated: March 2020

Friends of Firs Farm

Friends of Firs Farm is a group of friendly volunteers with a common goal of improving Firs Farm.

Founded in August 2013 by Toni Guiver with the support of Gail Nielen and Geraldine Cosh. We set about talking to friends and neighbours to identify what we were looking for from our underused local green space, Firs Farm.

The overall objectives of the Friends, which are charitable and for the benefit of the inclusive public, is to preserve, improve, maintain, protect & promote, Firs Farm for the benefit of ALL for present and future generations.

‘In essence we bring the community together for events, interests, and sporting / other in/outdoor activities, as well as providing Volunteer opportunities, reduce loneliness and encourage healthier lifestyles.’

The Friends work in partnership with the London Borough of Enfield in a spirit of co-operation

Last updated: January 2021

Muswell Hill Sustainability Group

muswell hill sustainability group

We’re a fast-growing group of local residents concerned about climate change and sustainability. Our aim is to reduce carbon emissions and waste in the Muswell Hill and surrounding areas, encouraging residents, local businesses and community groups to live more sustainably. Membership of Muswell Hill Sustainability Group is open to anyone and we are always looking for volunteers to help with projects and campaigns, running info stalls, events and workshops.

Last updated: October 2018

New Southgate Millennium Green

logoNew Southgate is a fully urban Green, being in London, next to a busy road and a high-rise estate. New Southgate is, like most urban Greens, quite small, at 0.6 Hectares/1.4 Acres. As of 2020 the Green is still fully independent, with a community-run trust and no regular funding from the local authority. There is a regular park with swings and things almost next door, so the Trust intends to focus on being a countryside haven, with high hedges and tall trees to block out the outside world as much as feasible.

Last updated: January 2021

North London & South Herts Ramblers

ramblers logo

Since 1972 our group has been offering walks to those with a shared love of walking and the countryside. Most of our members live in Barnet, Enfield and Potters Bar, and we generally walk in Hertfordshire and the Chilterns. Each Sunday we usually lead a long walk of 10 to 15 miles, and a shorter walk of between 4 and 8 miles. Twice a month we usually have a leisurely Wednesday social walk, and a couple of times a year we arrange coach and train walks.

Why not come on a couple of our walks to try them out? Whether you want to come regularly or from time to time, we’ll be very happy to see you!

Last updated: May 2021

North London Organic Gardeners

north london organic gardeners

North London Organic Gardeners are the local branch of Garden Organic, the national charity for organic growing. We are a group of people who believe in gardening without the use of chemical fertilisers and poisonous sprays. We make compost and believe that by looking after the soil and feeding it we can grow strong, healthy plants which are more resistant to pests and diseases.

For more information contact:

Last updated: January 2022

Palmers Green Reuse & Recycle Facebook group

Reuse, recycle & prevent waste. What to one person is unwanted might be loved by another. Recycle your books, clothes, overproduction on the allotment, baked too many cakes, unwanted gifts the list is endless. Give someone else the opportunity to use your unwanted stuff, free of charge please.

Last updated: November 2021

Pinkham Way Alliance

pinkham way alliance logo 384px

The Pinkham Way Alliance (PWA) was set up in early 2011 to campaign against plans to build a large waste-processing plant and waste wagon depot on an ecologically valuable green space adjacent to the North Circular Road. PWA supporters now comfortably exceed 3000.

Initially campaigning focussed on the despoiling of a locally important site for nature conservation, but PWA members subsequently came to realise that the tendering process had serious implications for the very long term finances, and hence Council services provided, to the 1.7m residents in all seven North London boroughs which make up the North London Waste Authority. While PWA has increasingly been seen to be winning the argument, both ecological and financial threats remain and the fight is far from over.

Last updated: February 2021

Pymmes BrookERS

Pymmes BrookERS (short for "Pymmes Brook Restorers") are a group of Londoners who want to make the Pymmes and Salmons Brooks more lovely!

London’s rivers are heavily polluted by misconnected sewers, and also by the toxic heavy metals that wash off our roads after rain. Wetlands will help to clean the water naturally and will provide beautiful habitat for wildlife. We’d like to see more kingfishers, herons, frogs and riverfly along Pymmes Brook!

If you live in Barnet, Enfield or Haringey, or even further afield, and would like to get involved, get outside, and get wet, then get in touch!  There’s plenty to do, so message us to let us know your ideas and how you’d like to help!

Read about the project on the Thames21 website and visit our Facebook page.

Last updated: November 2018

Thames 21

thames21-logoThames21 is one of the country’s leading waterway charities. We work with communities across Greater London to improve our rivers, canals, ponds and lakes for people and wildlife.

Thames21 works on a wide range of inclusive and community-focused projects across the capital. We will work on any river, stream, canal, lake or pond.

Love the Lea

The rivers in the Lea Valley are the most polluted in Britain. The Lea, Salmons Brook, the Pymmes Brook, the Rivers Ching and Moselle and Stonebridge Brook are being damaged by sewage, household chemicals and oil on a daily basis. Thames 21's Love the Lea campaign aims to rectify this situation.

Last updated: October 2014

Waste Not: Revamp, Repair, Reuse

waste not logoMany of us want to save money and throw less away but are unsure how - that’s why we are here!

We’re a group of Bowes Park and Bounds Greeners who love our community and want to reduce the waste we produce.

We will show you how your unwanted and unloved things can be revamped and repaired instead of being replaced with new and, for things that need to go, make it easier to swap or donate so others can give them a new lease of life.

Revamping, repairing and reusing pre-loved items instead of buying new not only helps save you money but is better for the environment. It cuts down on waste, reduces pollution and the use of natural resources which threatens habitats around the world.

Last updated: December 2020

Wise up to Waste

wiseuptowasteA website with advice on how to reduce waste and increase recycling at home, work and school.

Last updated: November 2014

Woodcroft Wildspace

woodcroftWoodcroft Wildspace is in Winchmore Hill but it is not just for the benefit of residents of that area. The wildspace is for everyone to enjoy. It is a place where people can bring their children to learn about nature - insects, birds, small mammals, pond life, plants and trees in a natural habitat. This is especially beneficial for those who do not have the luxury of their own garden. Everyone is invited to come along and both help the series of projects we have in action as well as to see the wildspace.

Last updated: November 2014