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Edmonton Hundred Historical Society

The Edmonton Hundred Historical Society is a local history society representing the Edmonton Hundred area of what was Middlesex and is now North London. The area covered by The Society is shown in the 1820 map below, representing the Edmonton Hundred area as shown in the Domesday Book in 1086.

Map of Edmonton Hundred at time of Domesday Book

Enfield Archaeological Society

Romano-British bronze head found in Enfield, circa 150BC - AD250
Enfield Archaeological Society is active in carrying out research and fieldwork in Enfield, in order to understand the archaeological past of the Borough.

Its main aims are: to promote the practice and study of archaeology in the district; to record and preserve all finds in the district and encourage others to allow their finds to be recorded by the Society; and to co-operate with neighbouring societies with similar aims.

Enfield Local Studies Library and Archive

Local Studies identifies, acquires, and preserves materials that document the history of Enfield , making these records available to residents and visitors.

You can visit the archive and discover a unique collection of historical documents dating back to the 13th century.

We also have four computers offering free access to research online and genealogy websites. Access to these resources is only available in Local Studies Centre at the Dugdale Centre.

Enfield Local Studies Library & Archive
Thomas Hardy House (1st floor)
39 London Road
Enfield EN2 6DS

Enfield of Yesteryear

Old photographs of Enfield and Winchmore Hill.  Part of the Enfield North London Google+ Community.

Enfield Past & Present Facebook Group

A closed Facebook group whose aim is "to bring back to life the past and enhance the present. We will be working alongside Enfield's Local History Unit for pictures and comments, we have a contact in the group at the History Unit".  The area covered is the whole of the London Borough of Enfield.

Friern Barnet & District Local History Society

friern barnet coat of armsWe are a young society but we are active, not only in researching the past, but recording the present for future historians.

Our founder, John Donovan, lived in Friern Barnet between 1966 and 1995. He became concerned that nothing was being done to record and preserve the history of the area and before long there would be nobody left who remembered it. He decided to start a local history society and in late 1999 he gathered together a few like-minded people and the Society was formed. We had our first public meeting in September 2000, at the former Friern Barnet Town Hall, and by the end of that year we had a membership of over 100.

Harringay's History by Harringay Online

harringay online logo

A section of the Harringay Online website contains a rich source of information about the history of Harringay and also also covers Hornsey, Crouch End, Finsbury Park and Wood Green.

  • History Group Articles & Discussions
  • Historical Photos and Other Images
  • Forum discussions about Harringay's history
  • Historic film footage from 1920 on
  • Wikipedia articles about the history of Harringay
  • Personal memories blogs
  • Virtual blue plaque map of Harringay
  • Telling the Harringay Story - A (Very) Short History - online publication by Hugh Flouch

Hidden London


Hidden London takes an informative, histor­ically inclined look at a variety of the capital's more obscure attractions, curiosities, districts and localities. The two main sections are:

  • A growing series of illus­trated articles featuring relatively recherché attractions with qualities that make them worth visiting, or at least stopping to admire on your way past.
  • London Gazetteer: More than 500 potted histories of the capital's diverse districts and localities (including Palmers Green, with an emphasis on lesser-??known places throughout Greater London. They're all listed in the Index

Hornsey Historical Society

The Society has produced many publications documenting the history of Hornsey, has been active in campaigning for the recognition and conservation of our heritage of buildings and open spaces. and is represented on the local Conservation Area Advisory Committees. It supports the work of the Friends of Hornsey Church Tower and other local conservation groups, and maintains close links with Bruce Castle Museum, and local history societies. The Society organises a regular programme of talks, visits and educational and other events.

Local History Factsheets

Local History Factsheets produced by Enfield Local Studies Library & Archive can be downloaded from this page.  The following have are available:

  • Buses in Enfield
  • Bush Hill Park
  • Church Architecture
  • Cockfosters
  • Enfield a Brief History
  • Enfield Town
  • Enfield Chronology
  • Enfield Population Figures
  • Forty Hall a History
  • Hospitals in Enfield
  • Industry in Enfield
  • Jewish History in Enfield
  • Literary History in Enfield
  • Lower Edmonton a History
  • MPs of Enfield
  • Palmers Green a History
  • Ponders End a History
  • Poor Relief a History
  • Primary Schools in Enfield a History
  • Public Libraries in Enfield a History
  • Railways in Enfield a History
  • River Lee & Stort a History
  • Roman Catholics in Enfield a History
  • Secondary Schools in Enfield a History
  • Southgate a History
  • Trams a History
  • Upper Edmonton
  • Water Supply a History
  • Winchmore Hill a History
  • East Enfield

London Historians

londonhistoriansLondon Historians was founded in August 2010 primarily to act as a facilitator which:

  • enables all those interested in London’s history to find what they’re looking for quickly and in one place
  • provides a hub for the many dozens of disparate institutions and societies and thousands of individuals, all of whom have a common interest
  • supports conservation and historical research
  • encourages both amateur and professional historians to meet and make new friends with like-minded enthusiasts

Belonging to London Historians is very much a shared experience. We can only be as strong as our membership. We hope you’ll join us for what we’d like to make a perpetual adventure, exploring the history of our amazing city.

London, Westminster & Middlesex Family History Society

The Enfield Branch meets on the first Wednesday of the month in the St Paul's Centre, Enfield Town.  Non-members are charged £2 per talk.


Palmers Green and Winchmore Hill Memories

A closed Facebook group.

"Post your memories, photos, questions and stories relevant to Winchmore Hill And Palmers Green Memories. Your memories may come from non-local areas, this is permitted as long as the page content is mainly about our locality."


Palmers Green Jewel in the North

Photo of clock outside shop in Palmers GreenHave you ever wondered what Palmers Green was like before the coming of the builders? Are you curious about the people who live here now, their memories and how Palmers Green has changed? Do you have a sneaking pride in where you live? This website aims to celebrate Palmers Green and satisfy our natural curiosity – about its streets and how they came about, and about those who live and work there now, and long before us. The focus is on the sense of place which makes it special, and how we and our neighbours share and enjoy present day Palmers Green.

Remembering Palmers Green

southgatephoto2A remarkable short film created by Kevin O'Neill of Southgate Photographic Society. It combines archive images of Palmers Green with current pictures of the same location taken by Society members.

Southgate District Civic Voice

southgate district civic voice logo

We are Southgate District Civic Voice (SDCV), a not for profit organisation run by volunteers. Our main area of interest includes: Southgate, Southgate Green, Cockfosters, New Southgate, Oakwood, Palmers Green and Winchmore Hill. An area loosely based on the old Southgate Municipal Borough, abolished in 1965 to form part of the London Borough of Enfield.

Founded in 1962 as Southgate Civic Trust, in response to the threat to demolish the Georgian cottages on Southgate Green and dissatisfaction with official planning procedures. This fight contributed to the creation of Southgate Green conservation area. In 1993 the Trust’s name was changed to Southgate District Civic Trust to better reflect our area of interest. Then in 2018, marking our continued ability to evolve and speak up for our local community, we became Southgate District Civic Voice.

The Enfield Society


This society was founded in 1936 as the Enfield Preservation Society (EPS), and renamed The Enfield Society (TES) in 2007. It has about 2000 members and is one of the most active amenity societies in the country. The Enfield Society has a record of vigorous action in defence of the local environment by practical conservation and campaigning. There is also a strong social section. The Society is a registered charity, No.276451.

Enfield’s environment is threatened as never before. Open spaces are being sacrificed to commercial development. The Green Belt is under constant pressure. Historic buildings are deteriorating. We are fighting to preserve our heritage so that future generations can enjoy Enfield’s rich architectural legacy and Green Belt countryside. We do not oppose development, but do all that we can to ensure that it enhances the character and atmosphere of the Borough, while not losing the best of the past.

The Historical Association - North London Branch

The Branch meets on Tuesdays at 8pm in Jubilee Hall, Parsonage Lane, Enfield.


Winchmore Hill & Palmers Green Memories

An open Facebook group where people can share memories and photographs of Palmers Green and Winchmore Hill in days gone by.