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Community Directory: Conservation Groups

Bowes Park Community Association


The BPCA works to improve the area for the benefit of people who live, work or have an interest in Bowes Park and the surrounding area.

Our mission is to bring people together with events that celebrate the great things about our slice of London as well as protecting and conserving the physical and natural environment of our neighbourhood.

Last updated: January 2021

Broomfield Home-Owners & Residents Association

BHORA was established in 1929 and is the longest standing residents association in the London Borough of Enfield. It was set up to serve the interests of the local community organising social events, as well as tackling aspects of local life such as health, transport, and so on. The Association is non-political and non-commercial.

BHORA covers a large area from (south to north) the Haringey boundary at Bounds Green up to Broomfield Park and from (east to west) Green Lanes over towards Arnos Grove.

Last updated: October 2014

Broomfield House Working Group

Restoring Broomfield House logoThe Broomfield House Working Group, with members drawn from the Broomfield House Trust and Friends of Broomfield Park, has been collaborating with Enfield Council in a project to rebuild Broomfield House, which was almost destroyed by a series of fires in the 1980s. The restored Broomfield House would be enjoyed as a heritage and learning centre, a place which schools can use to bring history alive, and a venue to display artworks and other collections. It would offer a café, community meeting rooms and events, serving as a much needed social hub.

The Group's website provides detailed information about the restoration project, alongside a wealth of historical information about the mansion, the core of which dates from 1550.

Last updated: October 2014

Enfield Conservation Volunteers

enfieldconservationvolunteersEnfield Conservation Volunteers carry out practical conservation work in Enfield's parks and countryside on alternate Sundays. An opportunity to gain experience in traditional crafts such as hedge laying, coppicing, bridge building and path construction. No experience is necessary as training will be provided. More information is available by clicking on the title link above and on

Last updated: October 2014

Enfield National Trust Association

We are a voluntary organisation for local members of the National Trust enabling us to further our common interest in the preservation of our country’s heritage. Enfield National Trust Association was formed in 1977, recently celebrating our 40th Anniversary. We have over 300 members living in Enfield and adjacent areas. We are independent of the National Trust, with our own constitution, and committee to organise our affairs, together with various helpers.   

You can join us even if you are not a National Trust member!

Last updated: January 2021

Federation of Enfield Residents’ & Allied Associations


Enfield Borough is home to over 300,000 residents. Many belong to their local residents’ association. FERAA is the body that represents the associations jointly, thus increasing the means to achieve results. On behalf of residents FERAA has been pressing for solutions to local problems for over 40 years. You can help us by joining your residents’ association

Last updated: October 2014

Fox Lane & District Residents' Association

fldra logo

The Fox Lane and District Residents' Association (FLDRA) was formed in 1978 and is the sole voluntary body representing the interests of residents living within the area bounded by Bourne Hill, The Bourne, High Street, Cannon Hill, Aldermans Hill and Green Lanes. A total of around 3500 households, of which more than 560 households are currently members.

Last updated: March 2018

Friends of Firs Farm

Friends of Firs Farm is a group of friendly volunteers with a common goal of improving Firs Farm.

Founded in August 2013 by Toni Guiver with the support of Gail Nielen and Geraldine Cosh. We set about talking to friends and neighbours to identify what we were looking for from our underused local green space, Firs Farm.

The overall objectives of the Friends, which are charitable and for the benefit of the inclusive public, is to preserve, improve, maintain, protect & promote, Firs Farm for the benefit of ALL for present and future generations.

‘In essence we bring the community together for events, interests, and sporting / other in/outdoor activities, as well as providing Volunteer opportunities, reduce loneliness and encourage healthier lifestyles.’

The Friends work in partnership with the London Borough of Enfield in a spirit of co-operation

Last updated: January 2021

Friends of Pymmes Park

friends of pymmes park logo

Friends of Pymmes Park are a team of volunteers who love Pymmes Park so much that they give their time freely to ensure the health and welbeing of the park is maintained and made safe for the many animals as well as the various people who enjoy it.

It is their hope that more people, young, old and inbetween, will come and visit, care for and enjoy the park as much as Friends of Pymmes Park do.

Because of various cutbacks and financial shortages to care for the park, it is up to everyone to understand what is needed for such a special park as Pymmes.

Last updated: August 2016

Friends of the Green, Bounds Green

friends of the green bounds green logo

Friends of the Green Bounds Green (FGBG) was set up in 2017 by members of the local area committed to caring for and improving the local green space and strengthening the community.

Aims: To help improve and maintain the public open spaces at Bounds Green, adjacent to Tewkesbury Terrace and The Drive, so as to enhance the quality of life for local people by improving their physical and mental health, and act as a focus for bringing people together

Last updated: August 2020

Friends of the Lakes Estate Conservation Area

The Lakes Estate, in the western part of Palmers Green, stretching up towards Southgate Green, is a residential area built mainly between 1905 and 1914 and consisting predominantly of relatively large semi-detached houses, the majority of which still retain most, if not all, of the architectural features that are associated with middle class houses from that period.

In 2010 a Conservation Area was created, incorporating a large part of the Lakes Estate, giving Enfield Council legal powers to control the construction, alteration or demolition of houses within the shaded area on the map. The aim being to ensure that the homogenous and unified character of the estate is retained.

Shortly after the Conservation Area was set up, encouraged by Enfield Council, the Lakes Estate Conservation Area Study Group was set up. This is a traditional title for groups such as ours. However we feel that the use of the phrase "Study Group" tended to give the wrong impression of who we are and what we do. We are not for example an academic research group!

We are a group of residents who assist Council officers in safeguarding the Estate's unique character by scrutinising planning applications affecting the Lakes Estate Consdervation Area and encouraging good conservation practice.  We now therefore prefer to call ourselves the Friends of the Lakes Estate Conservation Area as a better reflection of our approach.

Last updated: January 2021

Pinkham Way Alliance

pinkham way alliance logo 384px

The Pinkham Way Alliance (PWA) was set up in early 2011 to campaign against plans to build a large waste-processing plant and waste wagon depot on an ecologically valuable green space adjacent to the North Circular Road. PWA supporters now comfortably exceed 3000.

Initially campaigning focussed on the despoiling of a locally important site for nature conservation, but PWA members subsequently came to realise that the tendering process had serious implications for the very long term finances, and hence Council services provided, to the 1.7m residents in all seven North London boroughs which make up the North London Waste Authority. While PWA has increasingly been seen to be winning the argument, both ecological and financial threats remain and the fight is far from over.

Last updated: February 2021

Southgate District Civic Voice

southgate district civic voice logo

We are Southgate District Civic Voice (SDCV), a not for profit organisation run by volunteers. Our main area of interest includes: Southgate, Southgate Green, Cockfosters, New Southgate, Oakwood, Palmers Green and Winchmore Hill. An area loosely based on the old Southgate Municipal Borough, abolished in 1965 to form part of the London Borough of Enfield.

Founded in 1962 as Southgate Civic Trust, in response to the threat to demolish the Georgian cottages on Southgate Green and dissatisfaction with official planning procedures. This fight contributed to the creation of Southgate Green conservation area. In 1993 the Trust’s name was changed to Southgate District Civic Trust to better reflect our area of interest. Then in 2018, marking our continued ability to evolve and speak up for our local community, we became Southgate District Civic Voice.

Last updated: June 2020

Southgate Green Association

southgate green association

The SGA is an organisation dedicated to preserving and enhancing the Southgate Green Conservation Area. Southgate Green, located on the southwest boundary of the London Borough of Enfield, was designated a Conservation Area in 1968. It covers approximately 31 hectares, with over 30 listed buildings and structures. The Conservation Area radiates from Southgate Green northwards along the High Street, westwards down Waterfall Road and southwards along Cannon Hill until the junction with Alderman's Hill. The buildings and spaces along these roads form a village envelope which has a special character and appearance described in the Conservation area character appraisal.

Last updated: December 2023

The Enfield Society


This society was founded in 1936 as the Enfield Preservation Society (EPS), and renamed The Enfield Society (TES) in 2007. It has about 2000 members and is one of the most active amenity societies in the country. The Enfield Society has a record of vigorous action in defence of the local environment by practical conservation and campaigning. There is also a strong social section. The Society is a registered charity, No.276451.

Enfield’s environment is threatened as never before. Open spaces are being sacrificed to commercial development. The Green Belt is under constant pressure. Historic buildings are deteriorating. We are fighting to preserve our heritage so that future generations can enjoy Enfield’s rich architectural legacy and Green Belt countryside. We do not oppose development, but do all that we can to ensure that it enhances the character and atmosphere of the Borough, while not losing the best of the past.

Last updated: January 2015

Tottenham Civic Society

tottenham civic society

The Tottenham Civic Society was established in April 2006 following mounting public concern about inappropriate redevelopment proposals for the Tottenham High Road Historic Corridor and a desire for something better. We hope that people -- members of the Society, visitors to Tottenham, surfers who encounter our website -- will enjoy it as both a source of information and a useful resource for discovering more about Tottenham beyond the way it is often reported in the media.

The Society's aims, as set out in its constitution, are as follows:

  1. To promote high standards of planning and architecture in Tottenham;
  2. To educate the public in the geography, history, natural history and architecture of Tottenham;
  3. To secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of historic, environmental or public interest in Tottenham;
  4. To work to improve the quality of life for everyone in Tottenham; and
  5. To encourage the appropriate and sustainable regeneration of Tottenham.

    Last updated: November 2014

We Love Myddleton Road

we love myddleton roadA new community campaign group has been formed to help protect and promote Myddleton Road - one of Bowes Park's most important and unique assets.

WE LOVE MYDDLETON ROAD works alongside the Bowes Park Community Association and the existing Myddleton Road Strategy Group to complement the work these groups have been doing for many years.  It was formed by concerned residents and traders wanting to see more regeneration on the road and protection for its valuable shops and buildings.

The group's focus is to find ways for the whole community, both residents and traders, to play their part in building a better future for
this much loved road – that means anything from running events like a “Cash Mob” to encourage more people to shop locally, to promoting the road and its businesses or talking to the council about how we can support the needs of existing traders.
The group is also trying to stop further decline of this unique road by reporting dumped rubbish and objecting to unwanted planning applications.

It meets monthly and is looking for new members to help build on all the positive change already happening on the road.  To get involved or to be kept up to date email or follow them on Twitter @welovemyddleton.

Last updated: November 2014