we love myddleton roadA new community campaign group has been formed to help protect and promote Myddleton Road - one of Bowes Park's most important and unique assets.

WE LOVE MYDDLETON ROAD works alongside the Bowes Park Community Association and the existing Myddleton Road Strategy Group to complement the work these groups have been doing for many years.  It was formed by concerned residents and traders wanting to see more regeneration on the road and protection for its valuable shops and buildings.

The group's focus is to find ways for the whole community, both residents and traders, to play their part in building a better future for
this much loved road – that means anything from running events like a “Cash Mob” to encourage more people to shop locally, to promoting the road and its businesses or talking to the council about how we can support the needs of existing traders.
The group is also trying to stop further decline of this unique road by reporting dumped rubbish and objecting to unwanted planning applications.

It meets monthly and is looking for new members to help build on all the positive change already happening on the road.  To get involved or to be kept up to date email or follow them on Twitter @welovemyddleton.


Last updated: November 2014

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